January Email Campaign Ideas For Your Marketing

January Email Campaign Ideas For Your Marketing

Welcome to January, a month synonymous with new beginnings – but let’s face it, it’s also a time when your email campaign ideas might be in a post-holiday creative slump. You know you need to reach out to your audience to keep your business running, but the big question is – What on earth do I write about after the holiday frenzy

Below you’ll find practical email campaign ideas that are perfect for January and you can easily recreate with our intuitive SiteGround Email Marketing solution. From leveraging the “New Year, New Me” mindset to tapping into the power of year-in-review stories, you’ll find something for you here. 

1. Send a New Year’s resolution email campaign 

New Year’s resolutions are all about taking action now. This sense of urgency can be leveraged in your email campaign. By aligning your product or service with the idea of a “new start,” you encourage your audience to act quickly, capitalizing on their current motivation. 

Subject line ideas

Make 2024 the year you finally (achieve a specific goal) with us

New Year, New You: Here’s how we can help

Start your year right with (your product/service name)

Quick to-do’s

  • Connect with a resolution: Think about how your product or service fits into a popular New Year’s resolution. For example, if you’re crafting handmade candles you can cater to resolutions about practicing self-care, dedicated personal “me” time, or even being more environmentally conscious (if your candles are eco-friendly). 

Pro tip: If you’re stuck with your messaging or need ideas on how to connect your product or service to a resolution, you can try our AI Email Writer – a popular feature of our Email Marketing solution, that will craft the message for you.

  • Decide on a promotion: Think of a special offer that adds value to your audience. This could be a discount, a buy-one-get-one deal, or a limited-time product bundle. Although it is not obligatory to include such, adding a special offer reinforces the sense of urgency and stimulates clients to take action.

End purpose of a New Year’s resolution email campaign:

  • Boost sales
  • Clearing last year’s inventory:  This is a great opportunity, especially if you’re offering products and you have to clear last year’s inventory.
  • Nurturing leads and client relationships

This email campaign works exceptionally well for: businesses offering products or services that align with common resolutions like health and wellness, productivity, learning, lifestyle enhancement, as well as business growth goals where businesses are looking for all sorts of services helping them boost performance.

However, even if your business doesn’t directly cater to these typical resolution themes, don’t underestimate the power of this email campaign. It’s all about how you position your product or service as a motivation for a fresh start. Take SiteGround, for example. As a premium web hosting company, we might not seem like a typical New Year’s resolution ally. Yet, every year, we successfully link our web hosting services to the idea of launching your dream project with an awesome website. It’s a compelling angle that resonates with people eager to begin with a new project as the calendar turns, proving that with the right messaging, any business can find its place in the New Year narrative. 

2. Send a Recap email campaign 

A recap email serves as a valuable touchpoint, bringing your audience up to speed on what they might have missed and reinforce the value your business has offered over the past year. Don’t worry that it’s already 2024, this is actually a desired effect. After the holidays, people are just getting back to their usual routines, checking their emails more often, thus giving your email campaign a chance for better open rates and engagement.  

Subject line ideas

2023 in Review: Highlights from (your business name)

Thanks for being part of our 2023 journey! Here’s a recap.

Our Year Together: A Look back at 2023

Quick to-do’s

  • Gather highlights: Compile the key highlights and achievements of your business from the past year. This could include product launches, significant milestones, customer testimonials, improvements, or any special events. 

Pro tip: Even though you’re promoting your achievements, make the messaging about how those achievements are beneficial for your audience – what do they get from it. Don’t just list your highlights. For example, SiteGround’s 2023 Recap was entirely focused on our customers and on how our service improvements helped them succeed online. 

End purpose of a Recap email campaign: 

  • Customer retention and loyalty
  • Brand awareness and reinforcement

This email campaign works exceptionally well for: businesses that have had a dynamic year with multiple product launches, significant updates, events, or key milestones.

However, even without a year filled with major launches or events, a recap email can still work. You can focus on celebrating the consistent quality of your product or service, share customer testimonials, highlight smaller improvements, recap educational content, showcase community engagement, or share personal insights from your team.

3. Send an email campaign with a sneak peek of what’s coming next

Give your audience a sneak peek into what they can expect in the upcoming year. Be it a launch of a new product, exciting service updates, or a fresh redesign, this type of email campaign, giving in some way a promise of what’s to come next, makes the connection with your audience personal, and personal connections are stronger for your business. Especially if such a message is signed by the CEO of the company.

Subject line ideas:

A sneak peek into our exciting 2024 plans!

Be the first to know: Big things coming your way

Our pledge for 2024

Quick to-do’s

  • Define your content: Decide on what you’re previewing. It can be a new product, service update, feature addition, or a promise of what will come in the new year. Make sure it’s something that will genuinely interest your audience and that you will actually deliver one way or another. 

Pro tip: It is best if this email is personalized and gets signed by the highest-ranking person in your business. This adds a layer of authenticity, making the message more impactful. If you’re a solo entrepreneur, this is your moment to shine.

End purpose of a sneak peek email campaign: 

  • Enhance brand loyalty
  • Increase engagement
  • Drive pre-launch sales: If you’re encouraging early orders for the upcoming new products or service.

This email campaign works exceptionally well for: businesses that frequently update or launch new products or services. This includes ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores, fashion brands, subscription-based services, and creatives like bloggers, designers, and photographers. These businesses benefit from building anticipation and excitement among their audience, making a sneak peek campaign a powerful tool to engage their actual and potential customers.

4. Send a post-holiday “Thank you” email campaign

In the aftermath of the holiday season, a post-holiday Thank you email can be an effective solution for any business that didn’t get the chance to send one in December. This is your opportunity to show appreciation, re-engage your customers in the New Year, and potentially set the stage for future sales.

Subject line ideas

You made our year! 

A special thank you to you, from all of us at (your brand name)

We couldn’t have done it without you – Thank you!

Quick to-do’s

  • All you need to do is just write a genuine thank you message – it doesn’t even have to be long.
  • It is better if it is signed by someone in the company, preferably the highest-ranking person in your business.

End purpose of a post-holiday “Thank You” email campaign: 

  • Re-engage your audience after the holidays
  • Enhance brand loyalty

This email campaign works exceptionally well for: honestly, everyone. But it’s especially beneficial for both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores, service providers, restaurants, and anyone who experienced customer interaction during the past year. 

As you begin crafting your January email campaign using the ideas we provided, keep in mind that great email marketing results come when you are continuously engaging with your audience, and adapting your messages to their preferences. Stay responsive to their needs, use the momentum of the New Year, and watch how your email marketing efforts drive amazing results for your online business or project!

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