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How to add and manage products in your Magento website?

How to add and manage products in your Magento website?

One of the most important parts of managing an e-commerce application is the products. In Magento, this process consists of a few main parts.

Add products in Magento

To add a new product in your Magento website you should go to the Magento admin panel > Catalog > Products. Afterwards, click on Add product at the top right of the page.

This would redirect you to the next page where you should input the product’s options like Attribute setProduct nameSKU, price, etc. There is also an option to add ImagesVideos, setup URL key and much more. You may review all of the available options when you scroll down. You may also add a new attribute if necessary by clicking on Add Attribute.

This would open a pop-up window which you may use to add the desired Attribute. When ready, click on Save Attribute.

When you fill in the necessary details for your product – just click on Save.

Add media to your products

Adding an image to an existing product is easy in Magento. What you need to do is go to the Catalog > Products page and select the product you want to add an image for or click on the Edit link in the Action menu.

You will be automatically redirected to edit the product where you should scroll down to the Images and Videos section. To browse for an Image click on the Browse to find or drag image here icon. As the name of the icon suggests, Magento 2 provides the option to drag an image to upload it.

To add a video, just click on Add Video and a pop-up window would appear. Here you may browse for video or fill in the URL of the video. Once ready – click on Save. When the desired media is added – make sure to save the product using the Save button.

Manage product attributes

Yo access the available product attributes you should go to the Stores menu and select Product under the Attributes section. To create a new Attribute, click on Add new attribute. Once you are ready with the attribute, click on Save Attribute.



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