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How to install Magento manually?

How to install Magento manually?

There are two main ways for installing new Magento application – using an auto-installer or manual installation.

The App Manager would save you a lot of time and effort by allowing you to install a new Magento application within a minute. To learn how to install Magento via this tool, check this article.

However, if you want to install a new Magento application manually, you should first download the latest stable version of the application from the official Magento website.

The next step here would be to upload the installation package on your hosting account through your Site Tools > Site > File Manager or using an FTP client. This way, after the installation is completed, the script will appear once you write http://yourdomainname.com in your web browser. Alternatively, you can create a subfolder there and upload the file in it. In this case, the installation will be available at http://yourdomainname.com/subfolder.

Once you upload the package, you can extract it through your Site Tools > Site >  File Manager.

When the files are extracted in the desired folder, you should create a MySQL database and assign a user to it. You can do that from your Site Tools > Site > MySQL.

Now you should visit the website’s URL and go through the installation process. In this article, we would install the website in the ~/public_html/magento-manual-installation folder. Thus the URL you should visit is http://yourdomainname.com/magento-manual-installation. It would redirect to a page where you should click on Agree and Setup Magento.

The next step requires to initiate a Readiness check by clicking on Start Readiness Check. Magento is fully compatible with SiteGround’s servers. Once the check is finished click on Next to go to the next page where you should input the already created MySQL database name, username and its password. You may also choose a preferred database prefix. When ready, click on Next.

The next step is to choose the admin address of your website. We recommend choosing a unique URL to keep your store safe. For your convenience, Magento would auto-generate an URL for you. When you choose the preferred URL – again press Next.

Now you should choose the preferred Time Zone,  Currency and Language and click on Next.

You are at one of the final steps which require you to set up an admin account. Make sure to use a strong password. Clicking the Next button would take you to the final step where you should initiate the installation by pressing Install Now. Make sure to write down the encryption key that would be provided on the next page.

That’s it! Your Magento application is successfully installed now and you can visit your website on the chosen URL by clicking on the Store Address link.

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