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Securing the connection to the Redsys Payment Gateway

Securing the connection to the Redsys Payment Gateway

Redsys is a popular payment gateway that you can use with popular e-commerce solutions like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Magento.

The Let’s Encrypt Certificate Authority and SNI are not currently supported by Redsys. However, alternative methods to use the payment gateway are available.

  • The communication between your website and the Redsys gateway can be managed over HTTP, without an SSL to secure the connection.

This is not recommended as the actual payment process will not be encrypted, making the connection vulnerable.

  • You can secure the connection with a Premium WildCard SSL certificate from your Site Tools > Security > SSL Manager.
  • If you have a certificate purchased from another vendor, you can request an External SSL Installation from the Help Menu of  your Client Area.

The last two options are recommended as the connection between your website and Redsys will be encrypted securing the payment and the personal information of your customers.

Note that if you are using a CDN like Cloudflare on your website the secure connection to Redsys might not work. This is because Redsys uses some SSL ciphers which may not be enabled on the CDN servers and thus the connection could be refused.

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