Create a Main Menu for Your Drupal Site

Learn how to create and mange menus in Drupal

Having proper navigation is important for every website. After we've created the different sections of the site, it's now time to link them together.

Add Menu Items to the Main Menu

To begin, go to Structure -> Menus.

Here, you will see all the menus you have in your site. By default Drupal will come with a Main menu. Let's use that one, since it's already shown on your site and has one item ready - the Home link. Just click on the list links link next to it.

You should have only one menu item in it - the Home link. Click on the Add Link link on top of the page to add another item.

Next, select the menu Title (About Us in the example) and the link to that page (about-us). Finally, hit the Save button at the end of the page.

That's it, you can go to your front page and see the new item in your menu.

Reorder Your Menu Items

Ordering your menus is very simple in Drupal. To do this, simply go to Structure -> Menus -> List links. You will see a list of items for that menu. Now, simply drag and drop those items by holding the cross icon left of it in order to rearrange them. Once you're happy with the result, simply click on the Save configuration button.

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