Learn how to Link Your Social Profiles

In this tutorial you will learn how to add social networks to your site

There are different ways to link your social profiles to your site. However, we will list only the most common ways to do it - the principle is simple, you just need to comply with the particular social network's specifics.

Use the Theme Built-in Features

The theme we've selected has the functionality that allows you to add links to your social profile easily in your header. That's a common practice so there is a good chance the theme you select will have it too. To configure those social icons, go to Appearance and click on the Settings menu next to your theme.

On this screen, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find the SOCIAL ICON section. There, you will see the supported social profiles. Just add your own links to the ones you're using. Leave those you don't want to show empty. Finally, press the Save configuration button.

That's it, your social profiles are linked in the top-right part of the site.

Add a Twitter Feed

Adding different social boxes is really easy. Basically, you need to get the code from the social network you want to link. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will add a twitter feed but it's the same if you want to add a Facebook like box or different widget.

To begin, go to Structure -> Blocks and click on the Add Block link on top of the page.

First, add a title, and description for that block. Then, simply paste the code provided to you by Twitter, Facebook or other social network. Make sure you're in plain text mode and your editor is set to Full HTML.

Now, scroll down to REGION SETTINGS and select First Sidebar from the list of available options. Note, that those are specific for each theme and it's up to the author to name them. Make sure you're aware of the theme's layout and available module positions when you choose it so you can easily add content to different areas of the site. Once you do that, click the Save block button.

Now, simply navigate to your site and refresh. You will see the new widget added to your sidebar!

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