2.2 – Alternate Installations

Video Tutorial on How to Install Joomla via the Softaculous Autoinstaller

Video Transcription

Installing Joomla 3 on your new Siteground account is very easy. To begin with log in to your user area Once you've logged in go to the My Accounts tab and click on the link to the cPanel Go to the section marked AutoInstallers and click on the link for Joomla. This page allows you to install Joomla 3 and 2.5 We are going to click on Install and you can see that it has preselected the latest version of Joomla 3 which is what we want Make sure that your domain name is selected correctly scroll down and in the field Site Name enter the name that you want to give your site, a real name. and optionally a small description of your site. Scroll down and it's important that we select to install NO Sample Data.

If we do import the sample data it will make the following lessons a little bit harder. Now we need to create the Administrator username & password This is the username & password we will use to do the work on our Joomla web site You can change this suggestion bu you should never use an admin username of admin so go ahead and change that to something else perhaps your fullname. You need a strong password This password should be different to one you use on your Control Panel on your Siteground account.

And the suggestion that is given is probably good for you to use. so make a note of it. Change the Real Name to your own name and make sure that the email address associated with this account is a real one that you're using. Finally click on Install The installation has now completed you will receive an email confirming this and confirming the username & password that you chose. We can now click on this link here to go to the Administrator of our web site This is the log in page for Joomla 3 and we can go ahead and log in with the username & password we just created. You're now inside the administrator section of your Joomla 3 web site This is where you will do all your work creating your content, your menus etc. You will see that the name is in the top right although it may be truncated due to a lack of space. If we click on that word a new browser tab opens This loads the front of your web site This is what your site visitors can see. In the coming lessons I will take you through a step by step process to create a full Joomla 3 web site.