Lesson 10: The Big Move

Learn how to replace your old live site with the new Joomla 3 one

Video Transcription

We're now ready to go ahead and replace our old Joomla 1.5 web site with our brand new Joomla 3 web site. Before we begin make sure that you have taken a new backup of BOTH your old and your new Joomla web sites. We wouldn't want to lose all our hard work. The easiest way to do the move is using the File Manager of our Hosts control panel. Scroll down to the File Manager and remember we are in the public_html folder. Here we have our entire old Joomla web site with our new one inside this "new" folder. So making sure that we have public_html selected on the left click on the first icon scroll down to the very bottom and shift-click to select them all. Then go back up and control-click to deselect the "new" folder. Making sure once again that the "new" folder with our new Joomla 3 web site is not selected. Click on Delete.

Here is a list of all the files and folders that are going to be deleted and just double check that the "new" folder isn't in there. Then click Delete Files. Once that has completed you have only got the "new" folder left. Now we need to go into the "new" folder by double clicking on it and select everything by clicking on the first item and then shift-clicking on the last so that everything is selected. Now select the Move File icon. Here at the bottom delete the words "new" so that it is going to move everything to the public_html. Click Move Files. Once that's complete you will see that the directory we are in public_html/new is now empty and if we go Up One Level to the public_html we can see our web site. Let's go ahead and check by going to our web site. We can see the web site has now successfully been moved to the root folder www.easyjoomlaupgrade.com Let's go back to the File Manager to clean up. Take that "new" folder which is now empty and delete it. We now have just one more step to complete for the migration of our Joomla 1.5 web site to Joomla 3 to be complete. We will do that in the next video.