Lesson 6: The Template

Video Transcription

Now that the upgrade has been successful we are ready to go ahead and reinstall our Joomla 3 version of our template. To do this go to the Extensions menu and select Extension Manager. Here under Upload Package File choose the file by navigating to your computer where you have stored the zip file of your new Joomla 3 compatible version of the template. Select it and click Upload & Install. The template has now been successfully installed and we need to configure Joomla to use that template as the default.

Go to the Extensions menu and select Template Manager. We can now see a long list of templates. Here is the one that is my template that I just installed. If I select that and click on the Default button that template has now been made the default template for my Joomla 3 web site. However many templates have a options that you may need to reset if you were not using the default settings previously. You can do this by selecting the template go in to the Options tab and then completing the various options clicking Save and Close.

Once you have done that we're ready to put the site back online. Go to the System menu, select Global Configuration and Site Offline, set that to No and Save & Close. Now if we view our site we can see that once again our site is back online but this time running Joomla 3. If there were any other extensions that you need to update now is the time to do it. Otherwise proceed to the next video where we will make some final adjustments.