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How to Backup Joomla

Check out our tutorial on how to create a complete Joomla 3 backup

Having a backup of your Joomla website is essential. There are many bad things that could happen to your site - an extension can malfunction, some of your code can break or even your site can get hacked. In such cases a recent backup of your Joomla 3 site can be a life saver. In this tutorial we will discuss several ways to create a complete backup of your site. We will explain the two most popular backup options: the standard manual backup and the more automated Akeeba backup. We will also give you information about the two additional options that are available when you use SiteGround Joomla hosting: the Softaculous backup and the professional backup by our expert Joomla support team. 

How to Create a Joomla 3 Backup

Daily Backup Included in Our Joomla Hosting Offer!

We recommend that you do local backups of your Joomla website as often as possible. However, as part of our Joomla hosting service we create daily backups of your entire account just in case.

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