6.4 – Add a Slide Show

Video Guide on How to add a Slideshow to the Joomla Frontpage

Video Transcription

The front page of our web site is not very attractive. I'm going to make it look a little bit nicer by adding a slideshow. Go to the Extension menu and select the Extensions Manager. If your screen does not look like this one then see the earlier video - Adding the Joomla Extension Installer There are many slideshow modules available but I am looking for a responsive css3 slideshow. In the search box enter responsive css3 and click search. This is the one we want so click on it. We can install it by clicking on the Install button here and then confirming Once it has been installed you will see a success message like this. You now need to go to the Module Manager to configure it.

So that's Extensions and Module Manager. Here we can see that the module, Responsive css3 Slider has already created an instance but it is unpublished and NOT assigned to any pages. If I click on it I can configure it. I need to give it a title it's suggested one and as I'm not going to show it I'm going to leave that as it is and click on this button here to make sure that the title of the module is never displayed on my web site. I now need to find the position that I'm going to use. So I'll return to my web site and add that special url ?tp=1 I can see there is a position here called Position-3 which is directly above the content so I am going to use that one.

From the list find Position-3 and select it. We then need to make sure that the module is published. If we go to the Menu Assignment tab We can see that by default this module is not assigned to any pages so we need to correct that. So far we've only been assigning modules to appear on all the pages but I want this one to be just on the Home Page. If I select this we can see that the options are to be On all pages to be on none, to be only on the pages selected or the reverse of that all the pages except those selected. I want to select the page. Once I've selected that you can see all my Menu links appear. All the items that are ticked the module will appear on so I need to untick everything but the Home page. Now I can click Save and Close Go to my web site remove the special url and there is the slideshow. But the images being used are some default joomla images. So return to your administrator and go to the content menu and select media manager.

Here we can see all the images currently on our web site. We want to create a new folder just for our slides so click on Create New Folder, enter the name and click create folder. Now click on the new folder to select it and we now want to upload the images that we want to use on our slideshow. Click Upload and choose files. Select the images that you want to upload and Open - then Start upload. Now that the images have been upload we need to return to the module so that's extensions - module manager and select the slideshow.

Here we need to edit the path to our new slideshow folder and click save and close. If we return to our site and refresh the page we can see the images that we uploaded are in the slideshow and if we move to the other pages we can see that the module is not there on those pages. Because we've set the slideshow to only appear on the Home page.