8.1 – Google Analytics

Video Tutorial on How to Add Google Analytics to Joomla

Video Transcription

Joomla provides some basic statistics about how often your content is being read but if we really want to understand how people are using our web site, how often they are visiting it's far better to install Google Analytics. In order to do this we first need to go to the http://google.com web site and create an analytics account. The web site is http://google.com/analytics If you haven't already created an account at Google you must do so now otherwise sign in. There is a three step process. To begin with let's sign up. You want the Classic Analytics and enter your web site name. Your web site address and then give Google some information about your site. So I am going to select Retail and I am in the United Kingdom and set my timezone. Give your new account a name and click on the Get Tracking ID. You will need to confirm to the Terms of Service. And now we have our Tracking ID. Google suggests that we insert this piece of code into every page we want to track. In a Joomla web site that would mean inserting it into the template. But we are not going to do it that way. Because it is too easy to forget that you've changed the template and you haven't copied this across. So instead of that we're going to use a Joomla method. Go to the Extension menu and select the Extensions Manager. If your screen does not look like this one then see the earlier video - Adding the Joomla Extension Installer There are many plugins available to provide Google analytics. In the search box enter google analytics and click search. his is the one we want so click on it. We can install it by clicking on the Install button here and then confirming. We now need to configure it. As its a plugin we need to go to Extensions and then Plugin Manager As we have a lot of plugins we can either scroll through them all or we can simply search. This is the one we want so select it and Enable it. If we go to the Basic Options tab we can see you need to enter the Google Analytics Web Property ID. Go back to our Google Analytics tab we can see it here so simply select it and Copy and Paste it in. Finally enter your domain name I'm just going to Save and Close The Google Analytics plugin is now running on our web site. We can return to the Google Analytics web site to test it.