Lesson 11: Final Steps

Learn the final steps you need to do to start using your new Joomla 3 site

Video Transcription

Because we originally installed this Joomla 3 web site in a subdirectory we need to correct a few paths in Joomla's configuration file. Go to the System menu and select Global Configuration. We need to correct the paths in the System tab for the Path to Log Folder where we just have to remove the word new from the path. Do the same in the Server tab for the Path to Temp. Return to the Site tab and to take advantage of the advanced URL rewriting which makes your web site links look much nicer click on the Yes here and then Save & Close. We must go back to our File Manager and look to see if we have a file called .htaccess. That's not the same as htaccess.txt If you have both files you should select the .htaccess and delete it. Then select the htaccess.txt file and rename that one to .htaccess So now we should only have a single .htaccess file and no htaccess.txt file. If we now return to our web site and view the front end of the site and we should check all the links. You can see that the last change we made has removed the index.php from the url. The migration of our web site is now complete. We have successfully moved from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3 and we can start to take advantage of all the improvements that are available in Joomla 3.