6.3 – Add Search

Video Tutorial on How to Add & Use the Search Module

Video Transcription

Every web site has a search box because there is no point writing great content on your web site if no one can find it. Usually the search box is in the top right hand corner of your web site.

If we put in the secret url ?tp=1 we can see that there is a position up here in the top right called position-0 and we're going to use that for our search box. In the administrator go to Extensions and Module Manager Now click on New and we can see a long list of all the modules that Joomla is shipped with. Here is one called Search Click on that to select it. We now need to give the module a title so that we can find it again. Search is as good as any. Place the module in the position that we just found which was Position-0. Click Save. Return to your web site remove that secret url and the search box is here. If we click inside the search box and do a search we can see all the results.

Now currently you will notice that the search also gives you the option to search only in the following parts of your web site. Categories, Contacts, Articles Newsfeeds and Weblinks. We're only using Articles and Contacts on this web site so we can remove the ability to search inside of Categories, Newsfeeds and Weblinks. It will just tidy up the web site a little.

From the Administrator Go to Extensions and Plugin Manager We're looking for the Search plugins. We can filter the list by selecting from the type here Search. Here are the 5 plugins Categories, Contacts, Content, Newsfeeds & Weblinks. So if we selected Categories Newsfeeds and Weblinks and disable those when we go back to our web site and do a new search we can see that only those two options are now available.