Lesson 5: The Upgrade

Video Transcription

In this video we will perform the actual upgrade from Joomla 2.5 to the latest release of Joomla 3. If your site is not already configured to be offline then you should go ahead and do that now by going to the Site menu selecting Global Configuration ensuring that Site Offline is set to Yes. When you've done that click Save & Close. We can now perform the upgrade. Go to the Components menu and you will see a component called Joomla Update. When you have selected it it should say you already have the latest Joomla version. If it does not say that then you should go ahead and update to the latest Joomla version before continuing. Once you are up to date to the latest Joomla version of 2.5 click on the Options button on the top right.

This first option for Update Server click to reveal the options and select Short Term Support. Click Save & Close. You will now see a list indicating that the current version you have installed of Joomla is 2.5 and the latest version is 3 point something, depending on when you are actually performing this upgrade. Directly below is a button labeled Install the Update. When you are sure that you have a backup made and kept somewhere safe go ahead and click Install.

As you can see Joomla is now downloading the update file. Dependant on the speed of connection this may take some time. Once the file has been downloaded the update procedure starts automatically and you can see the progress as things are completed. We have now updated our site to Joomla 3 but it is still Offline. If your template was already compatible you can go ahead and go to the System menu select Global Configuration and set the Site Offline to No and then Save & Close. Your site is upgraded to Joomla 3. If however you need to install a new template for Joomla 3 compatibility you should move ahead to the next video.