Lesson 4: Uninstall Template

Video Transcription

In this video we will begin the upgrade of our Joomla 2.5 web site to Joomla 3. If you have discovered that you need to upgrade your template to a Joomla 3 version you need to follow this video. If your template is already compatible with Joomla 3 you can go ahead to the next video. Before we can uninstall our template we need to assign a different template to be the default. As our web site is live we need to take our site into what is called Offline mode. To do this go to the Site menu and select Global Configuration. The second option will turn your site to Offline. If you tick the Yes box your site is now Offline and the message below will be displayed. If we Save this we can click View Site and we can see the message that is being displayed to our users. If we return to our site we can now close this and go to our Template Manager.

We now need to select one of the default Joomla templates to be our default so that we can uninstall our custom template. As nobody can see this it doesn't matter so I am going to select Beez 2 and click Default. Now that my template not marked as default I can go to the Extension Manager select Manage filter the list by Template select my template and click Uninstall. The template has now been uninstalled and we're just left with the core Joomla templates. You are now ready to proceed to the next video where we will do the actual upgrade.