SiteGround Launches New Site Scanner Plans

Since its launch in 2011, our Site Scanner website security service has helped hundreds of thousands of website owners protect their sites from destructive hacks, data theft and reputation damages via early detection of malicious software. We’ve been constantly improving the service for even higher website security by adding more functionalities, such as deep file scan done directly on the server in its previous update last year. Now we’re enhancing the existing Site Scanner service by adding a Site protect feature to it and we are also introducing a new premium plan that includes two more types of automatic scans and a quarantine option for malicious files.

What Is Site Scanner

Our Site Scanner feature is a security service that’s crafted to protect your website by:

  • Detecting malware and the latest threats that might affect your website;
  • Warning you about such potential threats at an early stage and in a timely manner;
  • NEW: Providing you with tools for reaction if your site is under attack. 

In order to do the above, Site Scanner runs a range of scans and checks on your website in search of any signs of malware daily. If it identifies a threat, you get notified by email which gives you enough time to react in case of any danger to your website security. With our latest Site Scanner version update we’re also adding tools that allow you to react and minimize the impact when your website is under attack.

The service now comes in two plans: Basic Site Scanner, which is an enhanced version of our current SG Site Scanner, and Premium Site Scanner, which includes a brand new set of features. Read on to learn more about each of these plans.

What’s Included in our Site Scanner Basic Plan

The Basic Site Scanner includes many functionalities that will detect and warn you about malware at an early stage, but now we’ve added a brand new feature that will allow you to minimize any damage in case of an attack, and further protect your website.

NEW FEATURE: Site protect

If you get a malware notification or you suspect that your website was compromised, you can now manage four different on/off options from the Site protect interface. They allow you to temporarily disable all file uploads to your website by three different methods: disabling FTP and/or SSH transfers, and disabling file upload via PHP. The fourth on/off option prevents the execution of malicious scripts on the server. While any of these options are enabled, you can safely review the site status and ensure that no additional threats can reach it. This gives you some time to assess the situation, take action to clean any malicious code on your site, and minimize the damage. Once you are sure that your site is safe, you can switch off the respective option from the Site protect interface and resume file uploads again.

URLs scan

The automatic URLs scan crawls your website URLs every day and checks if there is publicly detectable malware on your website.

Domain blacklist check

We automatically check whether your domain has been blacklisted for malware by some of the most popular and authoritative search engines, browsers and anti-virus databases. The blacklist check takes into consideration information from Google, Yandex, Chrome, Firefox, Norton, McAfee and many more.

On-demand manual scan (URLs, domain, and files)

With the Basic Site Scanner you can manually run an advanced scan of your site that will not only check your site URLs and your domain blacklist status, but will also make a comprehensive scan of all your files hosted on our server.

Email Reporting

You get immediately notified if our automatic scans detect anything suspicious with your site. Additionally, you will also get a weekly email summary of your website status.

30-day scan history

You can find a 30-day history of your site scans in your Site Scanner interface with the scan results and detailed information about threats and malware (if any).

NEW: Premium Plan With Awesome Additional Features

We now offer a Premium plan of our Site Scanner service that includes all the above-listed functionalities from the Basic plan, plus some premium-exclusive features for even more enhanced website security.

Daily automatic files scan

Whereas our Basic plan daily scan only checks your URLs and domain for publicly detectable threats, our Premium plan goes deeper. It includes our most thorough check, which goes automatically through every file of your website on the server and looks for malware, suspicious code that may remain publicly unnoticed.

File upload scan

With the file upload scan we will check every new file being uploaded to your site, through File Manager, FTP, WordPress backend or else. This is one of our best prevention tools that can detect malware as soon as it appears and notify you immediately with an instant email notification.

File upload quarantine

The Premium Site Scanner allows you to switch on an automatic quarantine. If you choose to do so, any newly uploaded file that is detected to be malicious will be automatically placed in quarantine (separate folder, outside of your document root), so that it does not become active on your website. You will then be able to manage each of these quarantined files separately, having the option to either restore them to their original location, or delete them. File upload quarantine is a powerful tool that may protect your site in times of an attack.

Activate or Upgrade Site Scanner for Your Site Now

If you still don’t use our Site Scanner service, we strongly recommend that you activate it to keep your site safe from malware. To purchase the Basic or Premium version of our Site Scanner security service for your site, go to your Client Area > Marketplace > Hosting Services > Additional Services

If you’re already using our Site Scanner service, you’ve been automatically switched to the Basic plan and all its latest features are now available for you to use. As a special offer for all our long-time Site Scanner users, we now offer a free upgrade to the Premium Plan until the end of your current service period. (Your Site Scanner should have been activated before June 15, 2022, in order to be eligible for the offer, regular Premium Site Scanner renewal prices apply after the end of your current term.)

To upgrade to the Premium version log in to your Client Area.

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