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SPF/DKIM record cannot be updated

SPF/DKIM record cannot be updated

In case you see the notice:


The DNS zone for noisekingdom.com is not hosted with us and your SPF record cannot be updated through this tool. If you’re sending emails for this domain name through our servers, we recommend that you use the SPF record below.

in your Site Tools -> Email -> Authentication section, this means that your domain name’s NS records are not managed by us.

For the authentication settings to work properly, there are two options:

1. Point your domain name to your hosting account with us.

You can point your domain name to us by changing its nameservers. This will allow us to manage your domain’s DNS settings and we will automatically apply the necessary records for your domain name authentication process. You can point your NS records to our name servers:


2. Manually apply the SPF/DKIM records at the remote DNS provider

If you prefer to keep your domain’s NS records with a remote service provider you need to manually apply the SPF/DKIM records provided under the Authentication section in Site Tools. Contact the company that manages your domain’s DNS zone and ask them to apply the SPF/DKIM records given in your Site Tools. The SPF/DKIM records are domain specific and must be applied exactly as they are provided in Site Tools.

All DNS changes require up to 72 hours to propagate before they appear globally, so allow that time before checking the results.


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