Getting Started with SiteGround
Change Your Site's Domain Name

Change Your Site's Domain Name

If you need to change the domain name associated with your website, first go to your Client Area > Websites and find the desired site.

SiteGround Client Area Websites

Next, click the kebab menu > Change Primary Domain.

SiteGround Client Area Change Primary Domain Option

Once you confirm your new domain name, the change will happen in a few seconds!

Bear in mind that you need to register and point the new domain name to your SiteGround website before the primary domain change.

Note that if you are collaborating on this website with someone else, the change should be made by the website owner.

If you had an SSL certificate on the old domain name, we will automatically reissue a new free Let’s Encrypt certificate on your new domain. You can manage this certificate or order a paid premium SSL from Site Tools > Security > SSL Manager.

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