Environment Controls in SG Optimizer

How to use HTTPS, PHP, GZIP and browser caching options to get the best performance

HTTPS Controls

Important! Before you enable the HTTPS, you need an SSL certificate issued for your site domain. By default SiteGround issues free Let’s Encrypt certificates for all accounts. To check if there is one issued for your WordPress domain, you may use our Let’s Encrypt tool in the CPanel

Once you have the SSL issued, you can enable the HTTPS through the SG optimizer. This will configure your site to work correctly via HTTPS and force a secure connection to it by adding a rule in your .htaccess file. Running your site via HTTPS also makes your site faster, as only HTTPS site can benefit from the innovative and faster HTTP2 protocol that’s available on all our servers.

Enable HTTPS

After you enable the HTTPS, you will see another option - Fix Insecure Content. In most cases this does not need to be switched on. Use it only if you notice insecure/mixed content warnings on your site after switching the HTTPS. This option will dynamically rewrite insecurely loaded resources to go through https. Even though we’ve developed the re-write to be super fast, it will add some unnecessary overhead to the loading process of your site if it is already configured and working correctly via HTTPS.

Fix Insecure Content

PHP Version Controls

Usually, new PHP versions improve the performance of WordPress websites. That is why we have added an easy PHP switch option in our SG Optimizer plugin.

If you are still not using the PHP version that we recommend, SG Optimizer will allow you to check whether your site is compatible with it. If yes, you will be able to switch to the recommended version with a click. In case you get reports that certain plugins/themes are not working with the recommended PHP version, you should contact the plugin/theme developers to get more info about when their product will be ready for this PHP version.

PHP Version Check

In addition to the Recommended PHP check-and-change functionality above, we also allow you to manually switch to any PHP version supported on our servers. If you need to use this option, proceed with caution since it does not have a compatibility check and switching to an incompatible PHP version may render your website inaccessible. However, you can always switch back using the PHP Version Manager tool in cPanel.

Manual PHP Version Change

GZIP Compression

This is a mechanism for compressing your content before transmitting it to your visitors browsers. It saves a lot of networking traffic and makes your site load faster. Note, that this option adds rules to your .htaccess file so we urge you to remove any existing GZIP related rules from it if you already have added any manually.

Browser Caching

By enabling this option, our plugin will add the necessary rules to your .htaccess file to make sure that your visitors browsers will cache static content as long as possible making your site load blazingly fast for returning visitors.

Browser Caching