WordPress Shopping Cart Tutorial

Learn how to setup and install WooCommerce

This tutorial covers the following topics:

There are various contributions you can use in order to setup an online store for your existing WordPress website. One of the widely preferred plugin is WooCommerce, to which this tutorial is dedicated

How to install WooCommerce?

First log into the administrator area of your WordPress installation. Then go to Plugins -> Add New.

In the search field choose Term from the drop-down menu, then enter “WooCommerce” in the text box. The WooCommerce plugin should appear as first result. Click the Install Now button for it.

The plugin will be automatically downloaded and installed for your WordPress. Once the installation is completed, click the Activate button.

This will take you to the initial configuration wizard of the plugin. You will be presented with the Store Setup page where you can configure your store location, address and the currency it would use. Choose the appropriate options based on the desired target audience and click the the Let's Go button to proceed to the next step.

The next step of the wizard is the Payment configuration. You can choose from the most popular payment methods and enable one or more of them for your WordPress. Once you have selected the desired payment methods, proceed to the next step by clicking the Continue button.

On the next page you can configure the Shipping options. Select the appropriate settings and press the Continue button again.

On the next step called Extras, you will be prompted to install and activate the Storefront theme. and enable Automated Taxes. The Storefront theme is specifically designed to be used with WooCommerce and is recommended for this plugin. If you want to use the theme, make sure the button is toggled to On (if it is enabled - it will be coloured in purple). If you already have a theme that you want to use with your website, make sure it is set to Off (if it is disabled - it will be coloured in grey).

The Activate step allows you to connect your store to Jetpack. Clicking the Connect with Jetpack button would take you to the Jetpack authentication page. If you do not want to connect your store to Jetpack, you may click on the Skip this step link at the bottom of the page.

That's it! The WooCommerce plugin is installed and set up on your website. By using the Create your first product! button you can create brand new products or if you have a .csv file with product information from a previous website, you can use the Import products from a CSV file button to import them.

Adding new products in WooCommerce

To add new products to your store, go to your wp-admin Dashboard -> Products -> Add New.

On the page that opens you can give the new product a name using the Product name field at the top and a description of the product using the text field below it. Below that text field you have several options to set for that product including its price, inventory availability, shipping information, etc. When ready, click the Publish button to make the product available on your website.

That's it. Your first product is now created and is available on your WordPress WooCommerce store.