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Image Optimizations in SiteGround Optimizer

Image Optimizations in SiteGround Optimizer

Optimize Images

Image optimization is very important for the loading speed of your site. Our plugin can optimize both all your existing images and the new ones you upload. We have selected optimization techniques that provide optimal results without diminishing the quality of the images.

Tip: When you start optimizing existing images and have many of them the process may take some time. However, don’t worry, the optimization will complete even if you close the tab and leave it to work during the night for example. Just make sure your WordPress cron functionality is enabled.

Lazy Load Images

This option makes your images load only when they are about to become visible to your visitors and not in the initial loading process for your page.  By switching on the main Lazy Load option, the main images on your site will start using this optimization.

If you want to add specific groups of other images to the lazy load too, you can use the sub-options for gravatars (really useful for posts with many comments, where hundreds of requests might be needed just to load the gravatars of your comment authors), thumbnails, responsive images, widgets, and mobile.

You can also exclude specific images from the Lazy Load functionality.

Warning! Some sliders may not work well with the lazy load option switched on. If you are using a slider, we recommend that you make sure it is compatible with lazy load before switching it on.

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