Multisite options in SG Optimizer

How to configure your multisite network for speed

When you login to WordPress multisite installation as Network Admin, you will be able to access the multi-site management panel of the the SG Optimizer.

This tutorial covers the following topics:

Global Settings

Some of the SG Optimizer settings (PHP version control, GZIP Compression, Browser Caching Option, Memcached) can only have one and the same status for all sites in your network. The Global Settings tab shows you the actual status of these network settings. Any change you do through this tab is applied real-life to all your sites.

In this tab you can also control what is shown in the SG Optimizer interface of your site administrators. In other words, here you can decide to allow them access to all the four SG Optimizer tabs, or only to some of them. This settings apply to all sites in your network and any change in this section results in immediate change of access for all admins.

Per Site Defaults

The majority of the SG optimizer settings can have custom status per each separate site. You can edit the defaults statuses for these settings in the per-site defaults tab. Changes made in this tab DO NOT apply to already active sites. They only indicate how your new sites will be created. If you need to change any of these settings for an active site, you need use the site admin interface of SG Optimizer on the site you want to edit.