Free CPU and RAM Added to All our Cloud Accounts

Starting today we are increasing the resources available to all our new and existing cloud plans with 1CPU Core and 2 GB RAM at no additional cost. The upgrade will make our cloud service faster and more reliable than ever. During the last few months, we have implemented multiple service improvements and the current cloud update is another enhancement made possible by our recent switch to Google Cloud Platform.

More Value With Our Managed Cloud Service on GCP

When we decided to move our infrastructure from bare metal servers to cloud infrastructure, we wanted to get the most out of that switch. We considered all the data redundancy factors, network capabilities, and of course the speed of the new platform compared to the old infrastructure. What was offered by Google Cloud on these parameters was really impressive. We knew that even the mere switch from the previous platform to the new one would result in performance improvements. But what motivated us, even more, to move to Google Cloud Platform were the opportunities we saw to optimize our resource usage, become more efficient and give more value to our clients. The current cloud upgrade is a direct result of the optimization opportunities we have on the new platform. Now our cloud services are not only hosted on a better infrastructure provided by Google Cloud but also receive more resources at the same price as before.  

New Clouds – More Resources at the Old Price

All our cloud offers now come with 1CPU Core and 2 GB RAM more without any change in their current price. Therefore, our entry cloud plan now includes 3CPU cores, 6 GB RAM, and 40 GB space at just 80 USD per month*, which sets the base for any configuration of CPU, RAM, and storage that you wish to create. Additional resource units can be added to this new base at the same prices as before. 

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Current Cloud Plans – a Free Upgrade

In the next few days, all our existing cloud users will also receive a free update of their cloud features and will have 1CPU Core and 2 GB RAM added to their existing plan. 

No downtime is expected during this upgrade. However, the option to upgrade or downgrade cloud resources will be temporarily disabled in the Client Area during the upgrade process. Only the Autoscale option will be available to accommodate any urgent need for additional CPU or RAM that may arise during the short period of the feature update. 

* Prices depends on geographical region of the client starting from: 80 USD/mo; 64 EUR/mo; 48 GBP/mo; 80 AUD/mo

Hristo Pandjarov

WordPress Initiatives Manager

Enthusiastic about all Open Source applications you can think of, but mostly about WordPress. Add a pinch of love for web design, new technologies, search engine optimisation and you are pretty much there!

Comments ( 6 )


Aug 09, 2020

Hristo, we really love the way you & the team look for the underlaying infrastructure. Your cloud way is the right way.. we guys from #thinkabouthinx in Zurich



Aug 26, 2020

Great news, I saw the new limits on my Services Tab the other day. Now it is confirmed. That is great extra value Thanks Siteground


Alexander S.

Sep 10, 2020

Can you please increase Inodes on your accounts. Firstly, you dont advertise this with your platform to new customers at all, only when you're settled in do you have this limit realized. Storage will never be used before Inodes are.


Hristo Pandjarov Siteground Team

Sep 10, 2020

We don't plan increasing the inodes anytime soon. They are listed in the features of each hosting plan and already set very high. If you are reaching them, please check if they are not taken up by unused image sizes from your theme or spam / trash emails which add to the count too or upgrade to a higher plan with more resources.. Storage is not linked to inodes directly and many people need much more storage than inodes. It depends on the site.



Oct 20, 2020

While I agree that you probably provide more than enough inodes for average single websites (though anyone trying to operate as a reseller will run into inode limitations fairly quickly), the assertion that "They are listed in the features of each hosting plan" is just a little disingenuous. I just looked through the plans and could find no mention of inodes anywhere except in one not-immediately-apparent location: on the 'Compare Plans' page, and even then only if you hover your cursor over a link at the bottom under "Server Resources." And if you're considering a Cloud account (as I have, revently), there's no information about inodes at all, that I can find. I'm a generally content Siteground customer, but in this regard I'd have to agree with Alexander's implication that you're not very transparent about these inode limitations. It wouldn't hurt to be a little more up-front about it.


Hristo Pandjarov Siteground Team

Oct 21, 2020

There are no inodes limitation on the cloud. It is a different type of hosting, you get more dedicated resources and if you overload your server beyond our measures it will just go down. On shared hosting we can't allow a single account to affect the performance on all websites hosted on the same server. Inodes are just another speciffic limit and they are listed as such where we list all of them - on the features page. I will pass it on to our UX team that we can look into the popups but I don't agree they are somewhat hidden.


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